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Airskill was established in 1975 as a supplier of air conditioning equipment to the Western Australian Industry. After many years of continuous commitment to this industry, Airskill is pleased to introduce its latest range of innovative products that will lead into the next decade.

Our company is committed to customer service, strong technical back-up and the latest product range available.


Tecnair is a division of the Lu-ve Group that specialises in close control air conditioning units (Techline) and specialised air conditioning units designed for hospital surgical rooms and clinics (Lifeline).


Lifeline is Tecnair LV's solution meant for hospitals, clinics and the health sector, environments where absolute quality of the units cannot be questioned. Air conditioning units for hospitals, surgical rooms and laboratories as well as the most sophisticated Air distribution system for unidirectional air flow make this family of products the highest solution available.

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Techline is Tecnair LV’s solution to the need of precise temperature and humidity control in the classic Close Control air conditioning sector. This range of products is ideal for telephone exchanges, computer rooms, commercial centres, show rooms and for all those applications where there is a need for a precise control of temperature and humidity.

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