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Airskill was established in 1975 as a supplier of air conditioning equipment to the Western Australian Industry. After many years of continuous commitment to this industry, Airskill is pleased to introduce its latest range of innovative products that will lead into the next decade.

Our company is committed to customer service, strong technical back-up and the latest product range available.

The LU-VE Group is the combination of experience, tradition, forward thinking, and innovation.

LU-VE has introduced a new way of conceiving and making refrigeration and air conditioning products, using avant-garde technologies which have become a constant reference point for the entire industry.
With seven production facilities and sales head quarters located in 14 countries, Lu-ve is truly an international entity.   A network of experts - technicians and qualified staff – at the service of clients to satisfy their every need.

Products include:
Dry Coolers
Air Cooled Condensers
Adiabatic Coolers
Freezer and Cool room cabinets

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