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Airskill was established in 1975 as a supplier of air conditioning equipment to the Western Australian Industry. After many years of continuous commitment to this industry, Airskill is pleased to introduce its latest range of innovative products that will lead into the next decade.

Our company is committed to customer service, strong technical back-up and the latest product range available.



Blue Diamond - The only fit and forget condensate pumps Condensate removal pumps are an installer's nightmare.  A reputation for being awkward to install and unreliable often dictates the buyer to choose the cheapest item and regard it as a throw away item.  Many competitors boast about how reliable their products are but this is very rarely the case.  The Blue Diamond offers a new approach to efficiently, quietly and reliably remove large quantities of condensate. Click on the links below for more information about our different Pumps.

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Blue Diamond Condensate Pump

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Blue Diamond condensate pumps are based on our revolutionary patented rotary diaphragm pumping principle, proven in service for over 15 years on applications including vending and sampling.  The principle overcomes problems such as contaminated valves, stuck pistons, split tubes and noisy gearboxes.

Making these advantages possible is our advanced rotary diaphragm technology.  The condensate is drawn into the pump by vacuum then mechanically driven within a reinforced elastomer diaphragm to the outlet under pressure.  This system even tolerates suspended solids and light slurries and also happily runs dry.